Livable cities forum

Conversations for an inclusive future

October 3-5, 2022

Victoria, B.C.

About the 2022 Livable Cities Forum

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Victoria for the 10th Livable Cities Forum (LCF).  This year’s event, hosted by the City of Victoria in partnership with ICLEI Canada and the Canadian Urban Institute, focused on equity and climate action. This boutique national event widely known for its high-caliber practical sessions and diverse speakers on climate change action in Canada.

What lessons can we learn from two simultaneous and complex issues, the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, that are affecting our well-being and shaping a new reality for cities and towns? This forum explored the important synergies between efforts to address social vulnerabilities exposed through the COVID-19 pandemic, and efforts to increase climate resilience and achieve net-zero in communities across Canada through an equity lens.

Delegates learned from Canadian and international experts about the impacts of climate change and how adaptation and low carbon resilience can shape communities.

Through Sessions on the Move, delegates explored the beauty of Victoria and the surrounding area through study tours, and see how it has become a leading city in sustainable design and climate action.

Delegates networked with climate leaders and innovators by sharing experience, strategies, and lessons learned in advancing low carbon community resilience.

LCF is a fantastic forum for gaining insight on leading edge practice amongst local governments on sustainability and climate action. You’ll meet and learn from local government leaders, as well as folks representing innovative non-profit and consulting agencies who can support you on your climate action journey. Highly recommended!

Ian McVey

Manager of Sustainability, Regional Municipality of Durham

The 2022 Program

The 2022 program themes were explored through an equity lens. These considered how to prioritize diversity, inclusion, and social justice while advancing climate action, moving towards net-zero communities, and building resilient infrastructure to enhance the vitality and livability of our communities. The program themes were woven throughout three days of content.  Sessions were uniquely designed to go beyond presentation-style delivery, and include many interactive and engaging workshops, trainings, and discussion forums for more networking and hands-on learning opportunities.


Finding the nexus of climate change, social resilience and equity

This theme was used as a starting point to discuss how approaches to climate change can not only protect, but also improve community health and well-being. Climate change action that uses a health and social equity lens can help to protect the most vulnerable, while at the same time providing a mechanism to build better neighbourhoods, promote social inclusion, and facilitate deeper collaboration and impact. Conversations around best practices and holistic examples were explored.


Enhancing built and natural resilience

Through this theme, the forum delved into the role that infrastructure – both built and natural – plays in creating more livable, healthy, and equitable communities. Sessions looked at how to consider the co-benefits associated with various infrastructure types, the trade-offs involved with infrastructure decisions, and the relationship between infrastructure, resilience, and communities.


Advancing deep emissions reductions across all communities

Under this theme, the conference explored the benefits of moving towards a low carbon future in an integrated and inclusive manner. Sessions highlighted opportunities for individuals and communities to consider net-zero communities that address equity and inclusion in their design and implementation. This theme looked at the role of green infrastructure, integrated planning, and collaborative action and how these can be tools to move from net-zero commitment to implementation.


The 2022 Livable Cities Forum program offered perspectives from more than 80 speakers, facilitators, workshop hosts, and panelists from across Canada. They shared stories, innovative ideas, and lessons learned on the program themes and engaged in thoughtful, valuable dialogue with delegates. Meet some of our 2022 speakers.


Lisa Helps

Lisa Helps

Mayor, City of Victoria

Farhaan Ladhani

Farhaan Ladhani

CEO and Co-Founder, Digital Public Square

Don Iveson

Don Iveson

Executive Advisor, Climate Investing and Community Resilience, Co-operators

Megan Meaney

Megan Meaney

Executive Director, ICLEI Canada

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Victoria for the 2022 Livable Cities Forum.


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The Livable Cities Forum is ICLEI Canada's annual event to bring communities together. In 2022, the Forum is being hosted by the City of Victoria in partnership with ICLEI Canada and the Canadian Urban Institute. We provide capacity building, consulting, training, and information services to support local governments in becoming more sustainable.


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