September 25 to 27, 2023
Mississauga, ON

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2023 Livable Cities Forum

Most Canadian cities and towns were not built with a vision of a net zero, resilient, and sustainable future. So what does the transition to resilient, equitable, and livable communities look like? How can we embrace diversity and inclusion in the process? And, ultimately, how can we accelerate implementation to keep pace with challenges municipalities face? Join us September 25 to 27 for the 2023 Livable Cities Forum (LCF) to explore these questions through the lens of “Intention to Implementation”.

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LCF 2023 will take place at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, on the traditional territory and treaty lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and traditional homeland of the Huron-Wendat, Anishinaabe, and Haudenosaunee First Nations. This region has been and continues to be home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples since time immemorial. We are grateful to all past, present, and future caretakers of this land, and are committed to learning from Indigenous groups and knowledge keepers at LCF and on an ongoing basis.

Ai, Summer connections, 2022 - Mississauga Public Art

Ai, Summer connections, 2022. mississauga.ca/publicart


LCF provides a space in which people can discover and exchange innovative ideas and actionable insights to support local climate action. Sessions showcase practical tools, resources, leading edge practices, learnings from real world examples, and diverse perspectives.

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Vivian Rosas, Blissful Release, 2021. mississauga.ca/publicart


Sessions are uniquely designed to go beyond presentation-style delivery. These include many interactive and engaging workshops, trainings, and discussions to offer hands-on learning opportunities over three days. Local study tours also allow delegates to head out of the conference center and explore examples of energy transition and community climate action in Mississauga and neighbouring regions.

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LCF delegates can learn from and collaborate with climate experts, leaders and policymakers, urban professionals, and on-the-ground practitioners. Opportunities for networking are purposefully included in the program to allow delegates to share experiences and lessons learned, have candid conversations, make connections, create and strengthen relationships, and build support networks.

Gain insights on leading-edge energy transition and resilience practices.

Reach net zero, resilience, and sustainability goals

Local governments don’t have to navigate energy transition, equitable climate adaptation, and sustainable development alone. LCF is Canada’s preeminent event for local leaders, urban professionals, and on-the-ground practitioners working to transition to net zero, advance low carbon resilience, and build an inclusive and equitable future. The Forum is widely known for its high caliber practical sessions, diverse speakers, and meaningful networking opportunities.

"LCF is a fantastic forum for gaining insight on leading edge practice amongst local governments on sustainability and climate action. You'll meet and learn from local government leaders, as well as folks representing innovative non-profit and consulting agencies who can support you on your climate action journey. Highly recommended!"

— Ian McVey, Manager of Sustainability, Regional Municipality of Durham

"The sessions, networking, and events leave me full of inspiration and ideas for action."

— Jody Rechenmacher, Community Consultant & Principal, Urban Systems

"I have been fortunate to attend many LCFs over the years. Each year I leave the conference with new inspiration and enthusiasm for work we do. Take the time to network and attend the social events, you'll meet fabulous people that will be future collaborators and resources to you."

— Karina Richters

"I had the pleasure of working with ICLEI and other partners to host LCF in 2016 in Halifax. It was an impactful conference with great study tours and networking opportunities along with excellent learning. I've attended other LCF conferences and have always found them immensely valuable and enjoyable!"

— Shannon Miedema, Director, Environment & Climate Change, Halifax Regional Municipality

"The LCF conference I attended was very well organized and I walked away with so much to share with my colleagues."

— Amy Coomes, Project Manager, City of Thunder Bay

"I have had the opportunity to attend the Livable Cities Forum several times throughout my career, both as a presenter and attendee. Each time I have come away from this conference with new learnings that I can apply to my own projects, new friendships with colleagues from across Canada, and am reinspired to continue to push for climate action within my municipality."

— Trisha Henderson, Climate Action Officer, Town of Oakville

2023 Program

Climate action is becoming mainstream, but implementation is not keeping pace with the needs of municipalities and the challenges they are facing. The LCF 2023 program puts the spotlight on implementation through the following program themes to help communities keep moving forward with a focus on equity and inclusion. Delegates will walk away with tools and insights to address the challenges of implementation and make the most of opportunities in their communities.

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This theme will examine how to increase the pace and scale of energy transition and climate resilience initiatives at the local level. Delegates will explore how this can be achieved through partnerships and collaboration, multi-solving actions, and meaningful engagement.

RAW Design, Fossil Record, 2017 - Mississauga Public Art

RAW Design, Fossil Record, 2017. mississauga.ca/publicart


The costs of taking climate action can represent a barrier to implementation. This theme will explore financing solutions versus the costs of inaction with various perspectives in mind. Delegates will better understand the business case for climate action while connecting with financial experts from both the private and public sectors.

Moonlight Murals Collective, Interconnection, 2022 - Mississauga Public Art

Moonlight Murals Collective, Interconnection, 2022. mississauga.ca/publicart


In most communities, the lack of effective climate action is not due to a lack of information, planning, or policy solutions. So what is missing? This theme will explore unconventional approaches to climate action and how these can help reimagine engagement, motivation, and implementation.


Learn from speakers, facilitators, workshop hosts, and panelists from across Canada. LCF speakers offer insightful perspectives, innovative ideas, and lessons learned on program themes and engage with delegates through thoughtful dialogues. Meet the 2023 speakers and be sure to check back often as more are added each week.

Featured speaker

Mayor Bonnie Crombie,
City of Mississauga

Featured speaker

Jennifer Angel,
CEO, Evergreen

Featured speaker

Hetxw’ms Gyetxw,
Author, Knowledge Keeper & Artist

Featured speaker

Don Iveson
Executive Advisor, Climate Investing and Community Resilience, Co-operators

Featured speaker

Ewa Jackson,
Managing Director, ICLEI Canada

Featured speaker

Megan Meaney
Executive Director, ICLEI Canada

Featured speaker

Mary W. Rowe
President & CEO, Canadian Urban Institute

Learn from leaders, urban professionals, and local practitioners who are also on the climate action journey.



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The Livable Cities Forum is ICLEI Canada's annual event to bring communities together. ICLEI Canada supports local action to achieve net zero, resilience, sustainability, and biodiversity goals. We provide programming, training, and consulting services on a variety of local climate and sustainability issues.


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